WSOP 2011 Main Event EPISODE 6, Day 4

Jake Cody Video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “WSOP 2011 Main Event EPISODE 6, Day 4”

  1. Nick Werle says:

    FOLD 33

  2. Jordan Hooper says:

    actually both 3’s were folded. 😛

  3. Симас Прус says:

    Devlin is Arnold Shvarcneger. 😀

  4. JJTheBigDog says:


  5. highlyblessed87 says:

    how has negreanu pulled Krisztina Polgar??? far toooo gooooddd lol X

  6. perplexed76 says:

    what’s the purpose of calling with 10s obvious Q and drawing to 2 outs?
    pokerstars 100k freeroll has the same level

  7. mMegahindu says:

    Hellmuth is out 🙁

  8. cookiekoen says:

    I love that partypoker commercial, just genius.

  9. hwdp080 says:

    Poirier what a fck blufing fat donk !!!!

  10. snakerman2612 says:

    40:20 that guy’ got balls. such a nice play played the bubble so well

  11. robot103 says:

    “All he needs is a chip and a chair… he can throw” -Chad XD

  12. farneyb says:

    @joyariffic yes she does, I’m not going to call him lucky, he earned it

  13. MrSmurfattack says:

    was greg mueller on crack during that analysis?

  14. andy howe says:

    i love phill h..people think hes a jerk,bad loser so on all i can say is
    the poker world would be a duller place without mr hellmuth……

  15. 0danspeeder0 says:

    For a second, I thought Zaoui high fived the dealer.

  16. BoobiesHooray2 says:

    LOL!!! yes, I spend way too much time watching poker videos and I
    occasionally drink a wee bit too much and then go off on poker pros, who
    have made WAY more money at poker than I probably ever will. BUT!!!, you
    never know, I might get the chance someday to be on the same stage, and I
    GUARANTEE I am better than half of the shitheads you see all the time on
    these shows, I just don’t have the bankroll to donk off like they do.

  17. Fábio M. says:

    Phil polite in a elimination? Omg it´s the end of the times!

  18. bandet888 says:

    Since the money bubble gets a free entre to next year the true money bubble
    is the player that gets eliminated before the money bubble. You can sell
    your free entre and break even.

  19. Blake Ackerman says:

    22:44 i was hoping for that Ace or King to make that bitch eat her own words

  20. Merle Dixon says:

    Nice read by phil hellmuth 🙂

  21. Arturo Sevreal Sánchez says:

    wich one is the next video?

  22. Andyman0815 says:

    @mMegahindu Spoiler alert!

  23. riniel17 says:

    Jesus Christ. I never realized how pale Jake Cody is. It’s like Casper went
    emo on us.

  24. yarpyarp85 says:

    penis is food

  25. Gavril Tasov says: