Jake Cody-Poker to have won a WSOP

There is n number of games to be gamed by many professionals as well as by a normal individual, who wishes to play the game in a right manner.

Games are to be played by numerous professionals whereby the game is to be specifically pointed by you, when you wish to game so. Poker is such a game which is meant to be played by very professional who is sound in logically handling the cards.

One of the players who are considered to be a professional in the game of Poker is Jake Cody. He is very popular in the world of poker as he has won 1 Bracelet. Being born in the country of UK, he came from the native Rochdale. Though he studied psychology in a university, he spent his whole time in the university by playing this game. It is said that, he spent maximum of 12 hours a day in playing Poker. From the year of 2009, Jake Cody began to win at some of the tournament which was held in a minor level. Then, he made his debut in the United Kingdom and Tour of Ireland in the year of 2009.

A lot of cash prize:

Jake Cody beat Nicholas who belongs to Sweden in the Casino of Palm Beach and at that game he was awarded prize money which amounts to £273,783. This player was given the 1st Bracelet after beating the player Yevgeiny in the year of 2011. Then the player has become very popular after winning the Event of European Tour of Poker which was held in Deauville where he turned winning the cash prize of €857,000. Even in the same year, he also won the World London Tour of Poker where he got around £273,783 of prize money too.

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