Billy Baxter

Billy Baxter was born in Georgia in 1940. He started playing poker games at the age of 14 and started accumulating thousands of dollars at the age of 16 only. Today he is participating in live poker events and doing wonderful from last many years. Poker is mixed game of luck and skills. It is not possible to make victory every time. But you can certainly improve your poker skills through right poker strategies and tactics. He has visited number of local casinos and eventually won entire club in a poker game. Poker was a passion for Billy Baxter from very young age. He is equally active at internet poker tournaments also.

In 1975, he went to Hawaii for his honeymoon and they both stayed in Las Vegas for nine months. At that time, he met with successful poker players and learned a lot from them. He also discuss about poker strategies to become a poker player. Billy Baxter was a capable poker player and everyone was impressed with his poker skills and strategies. He also won the seven day WSOP tournament in the same year. Then he took a break for three years and achieved his next victory in 1978. He won a national championship again in 1982. In the same year, he won ace to five even at WSOP tournament.

Today he is one of the accomplished players with seven WSOP titles in credit. Vegas son became his permanent home and he continued participating in poker tournaments at Las Vegas. During his entire poker career, he has made plenty of final tables and cash values. He is also well known for sports betting in tournaments. With his achievements and success, he eventually died at an early age in year 1998. He is also an inspiration for many newcomers in the poker industry.


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