American Poker Tour

Tournament poker has been suffering ailment in terms of enthusiasm in participants.

The American Poker Tour that is planned will probably bring back excitement in this format of games again. The format has been losing relevance for some time. It is, however a powerful way to get players on the floor and that is what Poker tour in America is planning to bring back. In this country, there are still a large number of card rooms and casinos that offer tournaments of this kind. The Poker tour that is planned for November will bring in a poker tournament in a new way on this landscape. There would be an inaugural event held at a popular casino destination.

Fred Bevill has thought of America Poker Tour as he is known to be a veteran in the Heartland Poker Tour along with others like Derek Melicher. The start of the event would be on November 3rd.

This would be held at Majestic Star Casino in Gary. This would be in Chicago suburbs. There would be a main event with $1100 as stake, which will kick off on November 10th. The Poker Tour of America will have the shows covered for broadcast on syndicated channels. The players will be able to get into action at the lowest price possible in the arena of poker tournament. There would be other events as well, such as No Limit Hold’em which will have a guarantee of $50,000. There would also be an Omaha event with a pot limit of $150. There would be a senior’s event as well of $150. Indeed, with the plethora of tours out there, many are wondering how successful would the America Poker Tour be. The tagline that the tournament would be for the players and by the players is being used to increase enthusiasm about the game.

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