Cody Fail To Reach Final Table

PokerStars Macau Poker Cup 26 Single-Day High Roller is very and it does not bring the good luck for the poker pro Jake Cody.

The player could make for the final table of the event. And it is not he is the only start pro who could make to the final table of the event. The other names are Team Online PokerStars Pro Randy “nanonoko” Lew and Martin Finger German high roller.

Who won the event?

The winner of the event was Sergio Aido. By winning the Single-Day High Roller HK$100, 000, Aido continued to be the foremost player of the Asian high roller.

In the event total 81 players participated and in the list there were 65 unique entries. Aido defeated everyone and won the amount of under HK$2, 074,000.

In the event Cody seemed like one of the favorites, he was holding the chip lead near the bubble. He was playing well, but then a time came when he got bluffed and he lost a big chunk of his stack. Because of that he lost his. Cody got the call from the Wing Cheong Chong and he opened from the hijack. Both checked a flop, and a bet of 100,000, was called by the Cody. The amount was half of the winning pot, on the turn. Chong checked on the river and for 970,000, he called an all-in shove. And this lead to Cheong won over Cody.

With this win Chong took the chip lead and made it to the final table. However, right behind him was the Aido. Chong couldn’t stop Aido and he finished in the ninth position. And after some easy wins, Aido won the event and the prize money. He won the prize amount of HK$2, 074,000 at the event.