A cool dashing personality of the poker popular player Joe serrock

This is a very much skilled and a professional poker player.

He is very passionate to the game he is playing. He enters the casino with the aim of winning. This player has a very positive attitude. And is very much sharp poker player. He is very much concerned to the game he is playing and plays the game with full of his concentration enthusiasm and skills.

He is a very cool personality this is always said by the big poker players according to them he has a very cool behavior and a very positive attitude. He always comes with the winning spirit in the game. He loves to listen to the music and when he is on the table he continues with his music and game simultaneously. He has achieved many things and many of the titles in his career. This player is very much popular and many people are talking about his playing skills and playing techniques. He is very much enthusiastic. He has the total winnings of $2877437 this is a good amount he has won at this small time.

He has achieved many things in a small time. He began with his career in the small town and has now reached to the next level of playing poker. He is not fully satisfied with his game he wants to achieve more things and prove him more better in the game, he has won 72 career cashes which is a good number of career cashes he has won. He could not win all of them but he has one 1 career cash in his poker playing history. He has also achieved 23 career final tables which is also a good number he has won. His most recent cash was played on the 27/3/2015 and at this game he has played well enough and has won &$1600.